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The future, at present, seems to be based on oil, computers, stock markets and travels to explore space. However, I am concerned with the real futre. Fifty years from now, because at the speed we are world powers are depleting the planet from its natural resources, our children and their children will be left on a vast desert. How much more can our planet take? This abuse and contamination that goes on at the expense of progress and financial gain. Mother Earth, your children are, like you, in peril. It is true that most of your children do not care about the brutal rape you are subjected at the hands of careless and greedy industries and governments. It I sad that only a fistful of your children care about you and your future. How can awaken those who are so arrogant as to think that death is so far away or young enough that death cannot reach them?


Never before in the history of humanity such horrendous acts are known to have taken place. It is ironic because at the time when the world inhabitants were considered to be primitive, they took good care of the earth, the place where they live. Now, we are modern. We pride ourselves of the progress in technology and the new inventions and yet, we are now committing unspeakable acts against our world, for the sake of money and progress. We have discarded moral and social responsibilites. We ignore the importance of our spirituality and the obligation we have to future generations. We do not know nor care about our purpose to live our lives and to live them for the one who created us. That was the purpose in life, our sole mission on this earth. Our Old Grandfathers practiced this decree and taught their children to respect and live by it. This spirituality and respect for the planet was well known and practiced in China, Egypt, the Anahuac and other ancient civilizations, but unknown in the "more civilized" countries than the ancient world.


Failure to practice this simply law have resulted in the loss of spiritual values in so many individuals and societies. It is exactly this disregard and respect for our Mother Earth that we do not hesitate to contaminate and abuse the bounty of her womb. This contamination is also within the soul of many individuals who are concern with financial gain and disregard the future, a bleak future , that will affect the lives of others, and strangely enough, the children of the children of those committing such atrocities at this time. Politicians and industries reap financial profit at the expense of others, in this case poor countries whose inhabitants are helpless to prevent the dumping of chemical waste and garbage at their door. These powers do not live themselves in garbage and in dirt, they do not eat in dirty dishes, but they do not hesitate in dirtying their hands and hearts to commit horrendous acts. The little spiritual flame that lives in the heart of the human being, was snuffed by this corruption, greed and disregard for the well being of others. Progress has a price and in poor countries, this price is paid at the expense of so many.


The world powers are aware and acclaim many beautiful places where Nature is still untouched by human hands, but these places are viewed with potential for modern development. These powers see themselves as the rightful owners to do with God’s legacy as they please. These powers claim they trust in God and practice the good faith, but in reality they worship the Goldn Calf and their god is the god of capitalism, industrial dehumanization and the myth of progress. Man’s paradigm in the triumph of modern society is his apology for violence, competition in the business world and indulgence in sensuality and sexuality and the same applies to the modern woman who competes in the business world with men. She is also guilty of material gain, sacrificing motherhood for a better social world. Modern society in this part of the world abandoned the ancient rules and mores for the European approach to life in a world that is viewed as modern and civilized because fashion, business and social development dictate humans how success, fame and money are the most important things in life.


Under the distortion of reality and the manipulation of the truth combined with the lack of interest for the well being of this planet and disregard for the principles and spiritual values that were once practiced by our ancestors, I ask myself, and you, dear reader: Do we still have a future?