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When a person, family or people lose their "memory", meaning they do not have clear memories of the past. When you do not know where they come from, who his old grandmother, what did that give them root and essence. These individuals, families or villages, are entering into  a process of amnesia, so they become completely helpless to deal with life and the world. They are in a state of total helplessness. Without its own face and a true heart.

The settlers since 1521 have removed the past from Mexican people, knowing that amnesia is easy prey for any kind of exploitation. As of August 13, 1521 throughout the long history of one of the six oldest civilizations in the world was outlawed. Indigenous peoples lost not only their history but their languages, their knowledge, their religion, their laws, their institutions, their authority and status of human beings. Were in abject helplessness. No people in the world, which has been invaded, has suffered the destruction of their culture, history and identity, such as the American Indian. That happening should be very clear to understand us and comprehend us as a people and culture.


It was in the eighteenth century when the natives, in their fight against the Spaniards, began "rescue" of the history of the Aztecs to substantiate its alleged "Mexican identity." In the nineteenth century, General Porfirio Diaz ordered Justo Sierra the creation of an "official history" of Mexico, which until then had not. Part of this project was the publication of the book "Mexico through the centuries."


After the Mexican Revolution was given to Jose Vasconcelos to create the SEP and the bases of a national identity. The post-revolutionary Mexico and the PRI, took part in the history of the natives, especially as regards the history of the Aztecs and particularly the writings of Francisco Javier Clavijero and Fray Diego Durán, and of course the letters of Hernán Cortés and Bernal Díaz del Castillo. These "sources" were taken with the utmost reverence and accuracy to build the mythical past "glory" of the decadent Aztec Postclassic Period. A Creole and Hispanic history is full of lies, slander and many inaccuracies. Which seeks to bring the Aztecs as a powerful imperial of warriors, vying in the exaggerated myth the Greeks and Romans of Western culture. All completely false and prejudiced.


This "Indian history" comes in Textbook concepts so insidious and ideologically charged a line extremely colonization. Such as: HISTORY PREHIPÁSNICA, why call at 7500 years of our history, our own, which we did not have the presence of any invader-settler people, precisely with reference to the Spanish invaders? Why not call it, Precuauhtemic History, for example?


Why, when the Indians defeated in a brilliant battle against the invading Spanish conquerors, Textbooks teach our children, the descendants of the vanquished, to name it and recognize it as THE BATTLE OF THE SAD NIGHT! "Sad for whom? The gentle reader will know that history is written by the victors, and we would add, also "Textbooks do." And so, we could tell many inaccuracies, lies and half truths, that together, they make Mexican student HATE THE OFFICIAL STORY OF MEXICO, by fallacious, illogical, pointless and rather than boring.


Operators, the Creoles Promoting conditions of hunger, "investors" do not suit people with a historical memory sharp, deep and close to her feelings, which is the source of his inspiration. As never agreed to an educated and trained, it cannot dominate with impunity and cruelly exploited at will.


The bright future of Mexico is in the past. The dark and gloomy future of Mexico was built through their ignorance and lack of cultural identity.


To "merchant" and their "cronies", Creoles operators do not agree that Mexicans regain our past, as a structure to build our future, our identity and our self-esteem. As a just and humane society. His desire is to completely erase from our memory and our heart that we are children of the children of one day built to the glory of the Spirit, Teotihuacan, Monte Alban, Palenque. They want us to be children of Superman, Walt Disney and Chabelo.


Now the "boys from Fox," officials attempted foxianos and now Calderon's attempt to sever the ancient history of Mexico Indigenous secondary school. This is the beginning of the climb to get back our children "gringos of third class" in our own schools. Clamp is closed. Commercial television at home and severed history in school will soon create a "new mexicanus.


What about the teachers? What parents say, What do people say, What do historians say?


At a stroke is to remove seven thousand five hundred years of history itself-our indigenous origin and delete all of Mexican society. During these 5 centuries of colonization between Spaniards and Creoles, the Indian face in Mexico has tried to deny. But somehow in the "biography of the Creole State," appeared small and insignificant, but it appeared, the ancient Indian civilization. Now the natives kidnapped our INDIAN ANCIENT HISTORY OF MEXICO.


How Indians states as Oaxaca will face this aberration? How to explain to the Nahua, Zapotec, Mixtec, Mixe, Maya, Purépecha, Totonac, Tlapanecas and other peoples that they exist no longer  in the "HISTORY OF MEXICO."


This new aggression of the Creoles racist exploiters. Ie: the Fox, Creel and Derbez, the Salinas de Gortari, Tamez and Fernandez de Cevallos, of Fauzi Hamdan, Chuayffet Kawaghi and Murat Casab, the Gudme Castañeda, Davis Arzac and Beckmann, to name a few of the elite who have the economic and political power of mainstream Mexico, with indigenous and mestizo roots.


This new aggression should be the starting point to put a ENOUGH! in the field of cultural identity and historical memory of the people of Mexico. Ending colonization.


Instead of deleting and trying to erase the ancient history of Anahuac and indigenous peoples. The sons of the sons of the Old Grandparents should begin the battle for full and total recovery of the INDIAN ANCIENT HISTORY OF MEXICO.


The challenge is to wrest the ancient history of Mexico to foreign researchers and their national cronies. Recover oral history lives on indigenous peoples and peasants to carry books, classrooms and the media. Stripping the "History Creole" pro Hispanist and display as an instrument of colonization and subjugation. Rethinking the ancient history of the civilization of Anahuac to be part of the foundation of just and humane society we all desire. Giving our children values and principles through knowing the wisdom of the Toltecs and toltecayotl, so they can build their own models and archetypes. Use the rich cultural and humanist of our ancient culture for inspiration in designing a new way of interpreting the world and life. Building a new relationship of respect between ourselves and nature. A challenge that allows us to combine our rich Indian heritage with our rich western heritage. Without denying any of them. Without underestimating anyone, for in doing so, we would be dismissing us and robbing us mimes 50% of what we are. It is time, time to face the ideological settlers through the history and cultural identity. To be completely Mexican, we need to recover the dignity and potential of the two civilizations that have nurtured. The indigenous over seven thousand five hundred years and the West over the last hundred years. The "exit" Labyrinth of Solitude ... is in that direction.


Translation of

Alejandro Sandoval Valencia