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The Cem Anáhuac Conquerors

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  • Publicado el Domingo, 23 Octubre 2016 02:44
  • Escrito por Guillermo Marín
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Many peoples of the different ancient cultures and civilizations used the "Warrior" figure metaphorically. The human being who fights against the worst enemy: that dark being that dwells in the personal depths. A fight against weaknesses, errors and personal flaws, as the Jihad in the Islam religion. In the Anahuac civilization a similar concept was held for millennia. Indeed, the flowered death Warrior was a person, man or woman, who would face "the internal enemy".

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Toltec Spirituality, as an energy frequency

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  • Publicado el Sábado, 17 Septiembre 2016 06:41
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When in the eighties Dr. Ruben Bonifaz Nuno recommended to me, that in order to learn the truth about our ancestors, I should completely forget all I learned about them in school, especially the so called historical sources of the XVI century, because these had been written by ignorant murderers and thieves, as well as by fanatical religious. He asserted that neither, had the ethics, scientific nor cultural capacity, to attempt understanding a reality that was far beyond their limited obscurantist knowledge of the world, that they came from a thousand years of a fierce epistemic destruction orchestrated by the Vatican and the Catholic Church, called "middle ages".

Very little, of what was written by these people could resist an honest humanist analysis. Almost all, in general, are false and libelous, arguments to create the perception that the invaded, were savages, primitive, cannibals, warriors and thus justify the invasion, the Holocaust and the epistemic destruction, and present this crime against humanity before "their history", as a heroic civilization deed of the West.

Dr. Ruben told me, "start with what you feel and see in the legacy of our ancestors, and go from there to the most essential." More than thirty years passed before I could understand the depth of his words.

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The fanciful and non-existent "great Aztec Empire"

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  • Publicado el Sábado, 17 Septiembre 2016 06:37
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Starting from 1521 the conqueror-colonizer stripped the invaded people of five cultural elements to keep them dominated, unconscious and submissive: language, historical memory, knowledge, spaces and Spirituality.


The invaded-conquered peoples, upon losing these five cultural elements, forgot their essence and root, remaining: dumb and silent, amnesiac and alien to themselves, stupid e impotent, pariah without root and disinherited, idolatrous and fanatic.


Each of these cultural losses represents a deep vein that explains the resigned acceptance of the Holocaust in which we live. Our inability to end colonization. The lack of awareness and ability to end abuse, injustice, exploitation of our people and the criminal looting of our natural resources. The practice of "the Creole ideology" of foreigners, creoles, but above all, "that of us against ourselves".


But in this occasion will only review the loss of "historical memory". The anahuacas are a very ancient civilization. From the invention of the agriculture until the departure of Quetzalcoatl (Preclassical and classical periods), approximately took more than 68 centuries. The historical memory was par excellence one of the structural bases of the Cem Anahuac peoples and cultures. The simple fact of maintaining a coordinated and rigorous observation of celestial mechanics, from what is now Nicaragua to the northern U.S., required records of dozens of centuries which were maintained, not only by the pictograms, carved stones, and Mayan writing, but primarily by orality, which implies the awareness and commitment of the people and authorities to maintain their historical memory, heritage, essence and their roots. the huehueh nenotzaliazalizamoxtlahcuilolli the old story of the codices. The nican mihtoa, motenehua, here it is said, is spoken, the topial tlahtolli, our legacy, the word.


"They were our grandparents, our grandmothers,

our great-grandparents, our great-grandmothers,

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Toltecáyotl beyond occidental reasoning

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  • Publicado el Sábado, 17 Septiembre 2016 06:39
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Since 1519, we have been "discovered, studied and explained by others". We learned their language and forgot ours, learned their history and ended up amnesic, learned their knowledge and forgot ours, learned their religion and became fanatical of something we have not fully come to understand and of which we are excluded, physically and spiritually. We learned to create knowledge with their methods and forgot ours. We live in a world that is alien to us.


In short, we made ours, their vision and description of the world and of life. We ended up empty, without root and sustenance. We became an echo that is lost in time, in shadows that run scared in a huge desolate plain of darkness. We lost the ancestral "own face and true heart".

We were prisoners for three hundred years in the dungeon of Spanish colonization and for the past two hundred in the dungeon of creole neo-colonialism. Trapped, handcuffed and gagged in "the solitude labyrinth". Incapable, impotent, permanently vanquished, underdeveloped, peripheral, subordinates.

In the profound decolonized knowledge of the past is the Matria's [1]future. A fair Matria, generous and responsible for her children. We need to recover our ancestral manners, open our own horizons, create a future "own-ours". Stop being shoddy and tardy copies. We need to again be "original", without losing what we've gained from the "other".

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Teotlamatliztli, the sacred time... the return of Quetzalcóatl

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The ancient grandparents were great observers of the celestial vault, for several millennia made a rigorous observation, permanent, systematic, measured and reasoned, and in the movement of the stars discovered the perfect measure of time. Our Grandparents who initiated this centuries-old work are known as Olmec,[1] e.g. the people who measured movement. Hence they are the initiators of calendars, beginning with the 260 days lunar. Thus they knew "the movement measure" and discovered that the earth revolves around the Sun in 365.2520 days, that the cycle of Venus was of 584 days, of which disappears during eight days, during 236 appears as the morning star, disappears for 90 days and again appears 250 days as the evening star, that the cycle of the Pleiades[2] was 52 years, and that Earth belonged to the solar system and that it was in a Galaxy, now known as the milky way, and that earth revolved around the center of the Galaxy in 25625 years.


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