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For thousands of years, peoples and cultures of the Abyanáhuac
continent, from what is now Canada to Tierra del Fuego, constituted a
single civilization that, isolated from its four contemporary civilizations
of the Eurasian-African continent, e.g., Egypt, Mesopotamia, India and
China, were able to maintain almost intact, their consciousness of
being basis, as human beings and as a single civilization.

All peoples and cultures, different in time and space, were united by
the same knowledge matrix, not only astronomical, mathematical,
architectural, engineering, food, medical, but, most essential, united in
human values and principles, which were manifested in many ways,
but always maintaining the same root and essence basis that they
shared over thousands of kilometers and thousands of years.
Because of the challenge posed by the natural barrier of the Darien
Gap crossing, between what is now Panama and Colombia, two
separate spaces of the same civilization developed. To the north,
peoples and cultures of Anahuac, and to the south, peoples and
cultures of Tawantinsuyo in the Andes Mountains. Contact between
these two civilizing spaces was made through the sea. In fact,
Columbus, in his voyage diary, states that on two occasions he found
Mayan canoes at high seas with more than eighty oarsmen, which
implies that the Mayans navigated the high seas, travelling from
Yucatan to Cuba, and to Santo Domingo and so on, in a &quot;bridge of
small islands&quot;, until they reached the southern part of the continent
between what is now Colombia and Venezuela.

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