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The jaguar sacred mountain

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  • Publicado el Sábado, 17 Septiembre 2016 06:31
  • Escrito por Guillermo Marín
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Visiting Monte Alban is opening a door to the incommensurable and wonderful of our oldest cultural legacy. It is going to the depths of our being.

Indeed, Monte Alban known as "the Jaguar sacred mountain" or as the ancient Toltec grandparents called it in Nahuatl; Tehuantepec.


And known in the Zapotec language as "Danibaa" which means, "The sacred mountain" or Daany Beédxe as "The Jaguar mountain", it is without a doubt one of the major construction projects of the Cem Anahuac, also due to its size, the oldest and most important.



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