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Mexicans are heirs to one of the six oldest civilizations on this planet. Approximately eight thousand years ago our ancestors ceased to be barbarian nomads when they domesticated corn and embarked on a long journey through the path of spiritual and personal development in their human existence, kept uninterrupted, to this day.


We are, unquestionably, a mestizo people that cannot continue to deny its indigenous roots, a legacy of many millennia beginning with the development of agriculture until the arrival of the Spaniards. To ignore our past, our roots, to stubbornly deny the existence of the civilization of the Anahuac in our genes, in our historic memory, traditions, feasts, customs and education. as well as to know not friendship, love, death, the sacred and the divine, we are condemned to live in a labyrinth of emptiness and loneliness. By systematically disdaining and refusing our own origins to exult and admire instead what is foreign, we pretend to be someone else. This behavior causes the disrespect and unworthiness to be accepted by our foreign ideal models of the past, be either Spaniards, French, or in this modern times, Gringos.


In the pre-Hispanic epoch, the solid and profound basis of what we are as a people and as a nation already existed. It is clear that the only thing we own and we don’t share with other civilizations is our own past; a past before the arrival of the Spaniards. Everything that we own in the present either by appropriation or by imposition of more than five thousand years cannot dismiss or deny our indigenous roots. At the same time, we cannot ignore that the ontological spiritual essence of our indigenous beginning has its origin in this land and has been transmitted from generation to generation in a continuous and permanent manner.


At the beginning of the third millennium, globalization, new technologies and communication lead to the dehumanization of peoples and the homogenization generated resulted in the loss of regional and national identity. Therefore, as our Old Grandparents used to say: "’Our own face and true heart’, the principles and values of our people are threatened." The urgent need to recuperate our own historical memory and to strengthen our own identity must be met in the lessons taught to our children to value our culture, to understand its roots and its fruits and to know who we are and ought to be. This is why we must inculcate the knowledge, value and respect for our own ancient Mother Culture to our children and grandchildren. It is imperative we forget the ignorance and disregard for our culture in colonial education that we have been forced to live and accept for more than five hundred years. We must now teach our children the legacy of our culture, but at the same time, as parents and teachers, we must ourselves begin to take pride in our heritage, our blood, our origins to be worthy descendants of the Old Grandparents, for only then we can be true Mexicans; worthy heirs to Netzahualcóyotl and acknowledge at the same time, Miguel de Cervantes, a complementary part of our totality because we cannot deny and ignore that other root. Not knowing and not accepting equally both sides, we are incomplete. This leaves us without our own face and true heart.


The main objective of this book is to lead and encourage our youth to take the path to return to the heart of ancient México and to find there the values, principles and inspiration to build on their own future.