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The end or collapse of the late Classical period is to date, one of the greatest mankind mysteries. In fact, all the Anahuac glory for more than a thousand years and which was preceded by almost six thousand years of formative period, called the Preclassical period; was mysteriously truncated.

At the same time, in all Cem Anahuac, men and women of knowledge destroyed themselves, the ancient centers of research and education, now known as archaeological sites. Covered them with dirt and literally disappeared without leaving any archaeological trace.


Why did they do it? How did they do it? Where did they go? Altogether is a great mystery. The truth is that human beings living in these places disappeared and left in intellectual, spiritual and cultural orphanage those peoples that lived there and were guided by their wisdom and knowledge. The historical Cem Anahuac peoples memory, remembers this fact, from when forces opposing light, defeated Quetzalcoatl, who had to leave Anahuac, leaving behind the prophecy that he would again return on the year ?Uno Caña? to reinstate his Government of wisdom, balance and harmony. Thus ends the period of greatest importance and splendor of the ancient Mexico, approximately between 850 to 900 CE.


"But, despite the extraordinary social and political organization represented by the Teotihuacan splendor, in the mid-9th century CE, the mysterious, and until now unexplained ruin ensued. This was not an isolated and exceptional event. In the Maya world something similar occurred at that same time. The ruin and neglect of the large ritual centers of Uaxacatún, Tikal, Palenque, Yaxchilán, Bonampak, occurred at a time very close to the Teotihuacan collapse. And we must confess that so far there are no convincing explanations of the cause, which can be called the death of the former Mexico Classical splendor." (Miguel Leon Portilla. 1961)


The magnitude of the collapse.


This cultural collapse was a surprising fact and of large proportions, as it occurred in a single generation throughout Cem Anahuac. If we take Monte Alban in the Oaxaca valleys as reference, it is noted that the Zapotec began its construction in the year 500 BCE, and that it was abandoned around the year 850 CE. One thousand three hundred and fifty years of incredible and titanic work to carve mountain tops, a spiritual testimony of the Supreme aspiration of the Zapotec people.


Generations and generations of Zapotecs worked tirelessly on the same project. They hand leveled the foot and top of at least three mountains, carried millions of tons of rock from distant places and gradually built this prodigy of the spirit. There is no doubt; this was an amazing project, because of its scale and longevity. However, its destruction is even more incredible and amazing, because in just one generation every building was destroyed to their bases, in some cases burnt. Then they were completely buried under dirt, which implies the need for a very important reason and the enormous amount of work during a single generation, especially while we know that they did not use hard metals hard, explosives, animals of burden and did not use the wheel.


The collapse of the Anahuac civilization represents a great mystery, not only for Mexicans, but for mankind. What were the reasons for this unusual event? Also something very intriguing, why did these people vanish from the face of Earth after building numerous centers of knowledge? Where did they go? Why did they do it? How did they do it? Questions that will have to be answered in order to fully comprehend the present of Mexicans and also help build the future.


Generally the collapses of other civilizations have shown that this resulted from a series of factors that contributed to the collapse of a civilization model. In the case of the Anahuac civilization it is still a mystery that not has been deeply researched, especially when it occurred as a "concerted action" in a very short time and in a vast territory, comprising from Nicaragua in Central America, up to the northern United States, Canada and Alaska. 118


The collapse permanence and transcendence.


The large problems dragged by the Mexican society, have their true origin in this "fracture or civilization collapse" that still has no explanation. The decline of the Postclassical period, the ephemeral Aztec power, the European conquest and Creole colonization up to the present day, have much to do with this sudden abandonment of the ancient wise men and women of the Anahuac lands and their centers of knowledge. The conquest only added effect and consequences to this amazing fact, which to date remains a mystery.


The loss of the spiritual teaching and the mysterious absence of the Toltecáyotl venerable masters, as well as the ideological-religious transgression made by the Aztecs, a little less than a century before the arrival of the European invaders, is the real problem facing the people of Mexico to the present day. The anahuacas have been "orphaned", without teachers and alien to our ancient philosophy and demeaning our own culture. Always in permanent waiting for the return of Quetzalcoatl. The European conquerors destroyed -institutions, authorities and laws—almost to their foundations, that had governed us at least for more than three thousand years. To replace this, visions of the world and the life of Spain, France and now United States were imported, and imposed a colonial regime of human exploitation and nature predation, that through the last five centuries has gradually changed on the surface, maintaining its essence intact.


Mexicans need to recover our historical memory in order to end colonization. They have made us think that the conquest is the source of our problems. However, the problem is much bigger, deeper and more ancient. Indeed, it is the collapse of the Classical period, where Mexicans of today find our real problem. The physical destruction of all the knowledge centers, today called archaeological zones of the Classical period and the amazing disappearance of the human beings


118 Official history affirms that "Mesoamerica" is from El Salvador in C.A. to Zacatecas in Mexico. But with a un-colonized view it can be understood that the native peoples of North America were integrated and part of the Cem Anahuac.


that inhabited them, represents an impressive civilization crisis for the Anahuac. The ephemeral power, invasion and philosophical-religious transgression by the Aztecs and the Spanish colonization are the effects or results of this cultural catastrophe.


True History of an unknown Mexico

Historia Verdadera del Mexico Desconocido

Guillermo Marin.