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MAN: PRIMORDIAL OR MODERN? ? that is the question


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Christians are at the beginning of the third millennium of Judeo-Christian theology. The question still remain from Mediaeval Europe time to the present about he debate of the imposition of modern man on the primordial ancestor and modern society over primordial society. These are two distinct ways to view the world and life. Primordial man dates from around 150,000 years ago and then evolved in what anthropologists named Homo Sapiens who supposedly lived for about 40,000 years. In the last 10,000 years, Homo Sapiens began to apply their discovery of agriculture that led them to settle down and form the first civilizations.

<br>? that is the question? that is the question">During the first 9,700 years, Primordial Man lived under the universal law that governed all living organism. In fact, all living organism are ruled by a universal principle that determine specific functions of the human body. The human body is an excellent example to understand how this universal order works. We know that the human body is made up of millions of cells and these form organs that in turn work in systems. These systems are complex and like the brain, they are ruled by a genetic order where DNA can be found. Thanks to this extraordinary mechanism we call the human body, individuals enjoy what is known as life. Like the human body, our mother earth is governed within a macro organization in the Solar System and together with mankind, the two enter a mega system to live within until infinity.

As above, so is below and what is within is also without. The same happens to the individual that is in a world society. He is like a cell that belongs to the major system. In this manner, for over 8,000 years, mankind has lived on this planet in the ?Ancestral Order,? where a ruling group is prepared from birth to govern and develop in society and apply the universal principles of nature and divine and sacred values.
Responsible individuals looked after their families and cities and animals and insects that live in societies apply similar rules to their communities. This was the general rule in the entire planet. Monarchies were established based on the nobleness of humanity and wisdom that led them to a spiritual awakening and development. But as we had said before, humanity is ruled by universal laws that also govern this planet like good and bad, day and night, cold and hot. Civilizations also experienced within their societies, at one time or another, negative aspects that caused severe recessional blows and impeded high expectations of development and spiritual blockage. The great merchants of the Orient, moved west to the zone less evolved and in some cases, parts of a savage world, to initiate their transformation of humanity, for they proposed to eliminate the old order of things. They proposed instead to install a new universal order of things, thus giving them the power to rule the entire world. So, these merchants settle in Europe in the XII century and commenced their work of corruption and dominion over the less evolved and bellicose monarchal societies. At the end of the XV Century, they were in control of the economy, but were unable to ascend to the power of the nobility. For this purpose they turned their eyes to kingdoms almost destroyed by wars and poverty to embark in the conquest of other kingdoms and obtain land.

Spain had just finished her war to reclaim the land. She had succeeded in expelling the Moors to Africa. Merchants made use of a cartographer from Genoa that was familiar with old maps to explore new trade routes to the Indies. This route was necessary for the merchants to consolidate their power for the Turks had closed the passages to the far East thus stopping all commercial trade. Merchants were aware that by doing this, they were initiating the Universal New Order. The new routes would bring the globalization in free trade, private enterprise and democracy would destroy the Primordial Man for the Modern Man. In doing this, ancestral values, principles and spirituality would be abandoned in favor of financial gain. Religion would be versus technology, priesthood versus science, church versus state. The philosophers soon engaged in battles against the economists and politicians and the new religion of materialism became in effect. By the end of the XVIII century, the populace set out to rid the country of monarchy. Encyclopedist were the ideologist of the time; the New Order. These began to demand liberty, quality and fraternity and demanded the abolition of all monarchal power. Ironically, however, merchants in the new order had ever since, the money, the means and the power to dictate and control society.

In the XIX century, philosophers were at the service of merchants. They decreed that God was dead. They defined the search for happiness and the latter was found in the material world. Metaphysics was ended and monarchies collapsed in Europe. A democracy was established by the merchants and with that step, the colonization of the bellicose Europeans, that were in a way, employed by the merchants, became mercenaries in the New World. By the XX Century, the shameless consolidation of the ?New World Order? was in the hands of merchants that took control through capital finances, technology, massive methods of communications and fire arms. The Primordial Man was extinct and Modern Man was now in control of the planet. With the disappearance of Primordial Man, the search for spirituality and divinity was ended. The spirituality, harmony and understanding of nature, was replaced with the understanding of economics, production, consumption of natural resources, exploitation of people and abuse of labor condition, domination of ethnic peoples and a hunger for power and money. Primordial Man lived in search of his spirituality and of God. Modern Man has adopted money as modern god.

At the beginning of the third millennium, we find that Primordial or Modern man does not exist in any society, because at the center of first worlds we see the appearance of the so called ?green? movement and other conservation movements that are an example of human spirituality. On the other hand, in third world countries, like the Amazon and other remote areas, have been afflicted with the fever to make money at the expense of nature. In Asia and Latin America, we find the manufacturing of illegal drugs for the consumption of modern man. In Mexico we debate this problem in an schizophrenic, while the poor search for an adaptation to the old primordial way of life. The proof can be seen, every year, at the Basilica of Guadalupe in Mexico City Shrine, when four million pilgrims gathers for the festivities of Dia de la Raza on October 12th and again on December 12th, to celebrate the feast of Virgin of Guadalupe.