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The education crisis is global and multifactorial. But it is essentially because the economic power concentrated in seven super-banks, which control global banking, and these in turn, transnational mega-companies, that have created an market driven education system, that is, the education provided in "the free world", is to prepare young people to enter the labor market. As the economy goes from bad to worse, that is, every day there are less rich very rich, and at the same time, poorer much poorer, there is no work, and the little that there is low paid, without benefits and is temporary. But now with Covid 19, things have become complicated. Primary and secondary children and young people will have to take classes on television. Always "back to school" has moved the family and national economy. Education became a business, it's part of the national economy.

Before the pandemic, education was already a failure. Not only by the system itself, since Mexican students have a low performance worldwide. Finishing grade school, many don't know how to do basic math operations, they can't write, let alone read. Their academic level is very low. Three years later, out of high school, they continue to have the same shortcomings, but now they do not know how to write, they do not know how to communicate correctly orally and in writing; and their notion of history, geography and natural sciences is very poor. A high percentage of higher-level school "graduates", unfortunately, still have the same deficiencies. This is, the result of the education provided by the Education Secretariat.

Neoliberal governments never cared about public education, on the contrary, they sought to reduce it and increase private education, as a solution to the national educational problem. They attacked the national magisterium and gave education prerogatives to entrepreneurs. Economic elites created their own schools, from kindergarten to universities. The system was not as good as they presumed it, because in reality, what schools were looking for, was the parents money and not, the quality instruction of their children, private education is very rarely of quality, it is more the appearance, both in advertising, and in facilities; but, for example, teachers are very underpaid, under-trained, without occupational benefits and security, and humanly ill-treated, so there can be no quality in education.

In both cases, both in public and private education, humanist classes were eliminated, and the result after 38 years of the neoliberal model is that values and principles that allow life in society in an orderly and civilized manner have been largely eroded. When people, from childhood, learn at home, at school and in the media, that what has social value and is exalted, is consumption, individualism, consumerism and violence, the results are being experienced today. People between 20 and 40 years old today were born and raised in this environment, at all social levels, which is why we can see that violence, delinquency and crime, both white and blue collar, has materially overflowed.

The education system failure is not only in "the educational model", which has gone like the crab, paradoxically, education of 40 years ago was much better than today, especially since neoliberal technocrats decided to copy the American model, which is one of the worst in the world. Nor the problem is only the magisterium, because like every citizen of this sociocultural model and like every professional in this system, he suffers the same problems of frustration and alienation. The Magisterium is accused of all evils, but, they are the same evil of most professions and bureaucracy, poorly paid, without benefits, with many budgetary constraints, without having the interest of higher authorities to make them efficient.

Let us go back to the beginning, everything is generated in a dehumanized system, which seeks unlimited profit for a powerful class that has no limits, no values, without any social and historical responsibility to peoples, governments and nations. These people seek exponential wealth at the expense of anything, no matter the consequences on human beings, including their physical, emotional and spiritual health, in societies, in nature and the environment.

Covid 19 has highlighted the families, society and States shortcomings. Trying to do business irresponsibly with peoples' food, health and education has a high cost, both in rich and poor nations, all part of the system.

The question of returning to televised classes is, how important and decisive for the future of children and young people, is that they leave face-to-face education, if it has increasingly proven to be unsuccessful. In addition, everyday are less chances of finding "a good job" in the business field, hundreds of thousands of unemployed people with a college degree prove it.

An in-depth review of education is needed, starting with the philosophical aspect. "The various imported educational models" are being discussed to the point of exhaustion, but little has been reflected on the education philosophy. What kind of citizen are we trying to produce, what values and principles? What would be their existential aspirations? What would be their abstract project of life? We want to form sensitive, creative and critical citizens, human beings who seek happiness and balance and existential fullness.

What for and for whom are we seeking to educate?

What should be the educator profile, especially in the ethical and moral aspect. No work has been done to increase the consciousness of Being, and the ethical, moral and spiritual values and principles of the teacher. Because the essence of pedagogy is love and didactics is the example. We must ask ourselves, what kind of teachers we need as people, to educate and form with their life example, with their human quality the children of this country.

We are heirs of the ancestral civilization that invented public education. We are the only people in the world who have had all their children attending school for more than ten centuries. This is the largest and best cultural heritage we possess, which we do not know because of colonialism, especially the national magisterium.

The future of this country lies in the decolonized and critical knowledge of its ancestral past. In the analysis and study of those ten thousand years of ancestral experience and wisdom. It is imperative and necessary to decolonize the Magisterium so that there can be a real transformation of the people. The difficult part is not doing it, but imagining it.

Educayotl AC. Educate for the future with wisdom of the past.