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This country, wrongly called Mexico, was created on the failed attempt, five centenary, of destroying one of humanity oldest civilizations, with an estimated antiquity of eight thousand years, and which gave the world corn, avocado, vanilla, chili, the perfect count of time, among many others; and which invented before anyone else, humanity's oldest functioning democracy, the first public education system, ball game, the intensive cultivation system with three harvests a year known as a chinampa, the world's first calculator, and one that built the most pyramids of the ancient world, to name a few of its achievements that allowed achieving the highest quality of life for all peoples and cultures.

However, in 1492 Europe began a holocaust and a systematic epistemicide. Indeed, directed, protected and financed, by economic and political power, established in Venice and the Vatican, using the kingdoms of Castile and Portugal, who opened floodgates for waves of unscrupulous people, ignorant and murderous, who came to plunder and massacre innocent peoples who had a much more advanced civilization, based on solidarity, spirituality and communality; one that for millennia did not use currency, had no private property and had no weapons and extermination wars, like the Europeans.
First, they swept the villages that lived on the Caribbean islands in less than ten years. Christopher Columbus and his two sons, exterminated all the inhabitants until they depopulated the islands. They then continued with the continental part of the Abyanahuac, with the invasion of Hernan Cortés and his filibusters, who came to do the same, beginning with a war against the Triple Alliance, advised and politically led by Malinche and militarily by Ixtlilxochitl.
The invasion was possible due to a set of "causalities" such as: 1519 was the year of the prophesized Quetzalcoatl's return. Malinche was a Nahua woman of noble origin well prepared and educated, who knew the political situation and the Toltecayotl transgression by the Mexicas and who not only was Cortés' advisor, but designed, directed and executed political strategies. The captain in command of all the Anahuaca armies that joined the war against the Triple Alliance, was Ixtlilxochitl, who was dispossessed of the lordship of Texcoco by Moctezuma II, this happened before the invasion. In addition to the philosophical and religious transgressions created by the long-lived Cihuacóatl Tlacaelel, who transgressed the Toltecayotl philosophy and created the Mexicayotl, and who diminish the importance of Quetzalcoatl and exalted the ideological presence of Huichilopoztli, the Mexica tutelar numen brought from the North, but which does not belong to the Toltec pantheon.
Malinche, Ixtlilxochitl and Cortés managed to defeat the Triple Alliance, and Cortez, intrigue master and using the image of being "Quetzalcoatl ambassador", managed to impose his power and gradually eliminated all those who participated as his allies, until he became the predominant figure.
The second part of the invasion was to fight authorities sent by the Spanish crown, to try to control Cortés' power ambitions, especially clashing with Beltrán Nuño de Guzmán. The breaking point was the assassination of Fray Juan de Tecto, the king's secret envoy to watch over Cortés, who on the Hibueras expedition faced Cortés trying to prevent Cuauhtémoc assassination, since he was considered a king, and Cortés was a hidalgo so he could not order such execution. Cortés finally ordered the execution of the two. This is why, in 1949 in Ixcateopan, Guerrero, Eulalia Guzmán finds in the tomb of Cuauhtémoc, the remains of two people, one Anahuaca and one European.
Upon returning from the expedition, Cortés was immediately required in Spain, where upon arriving, a residency trial was instituted. Cortés at that time was a hero, not only in Spain, but in Europe. His writings, known as Letters of Relationship, are regarded as "the last cavalry novel" of the Middle Ages, for its mythomania and fantastic adventures. But in reality, Cortés was a very dangerous and uncomfortable psychopath for the crown, especially knowing of his intentions to betray them if he was not appointed Viceroy. Cortés was planning with his inner circle and his sons, becoming the king of Mexico and betraying again, as he had been doing with everyone who made deals with him.
And it is precisely this historical process that must be studied and analyzed from a decolonized and critical perspective, leaving behind the common sites of colonial and neocolonial Hispanic history of the Mexican state.
According to the thesis of Dr. Guillermo Bonfil Batalla, there are two "Mexicos". One deep and millennial, but denied and excluded from decisions and power. And an imaginary Mexico, which has had power these five centuries. The first three under the Spanish crown and the Gachupines, and the last two centuries, at the hands of international economic power administered by a corrupt and inept neocolonial Creole oligarchy.
Power and its exercise in Mexico, historically finds its genesis in the attempt to destroy a millennial civilization and the clumsy, corrupt and abusive imposition of an authority devoid of ethical and moral values and principles, and with petty interests. The aim of destroying the ancient institutions, laws and authorities of Anahuac, has been and continues to be, exploiting the invaded people and prepaying their natural resources in favor of foreigners and the children of foreigners, residing for generations in the Anahuac, but always asserting their supposed superiority, cultural, racial and social.